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Did last summer’s hot sun turn your deck or patio into an area to look at rather than enjoy? Are you too impatient to wait for those shade trees to grow enough to cast a shadow before you enjoy your investment?

You’re not alone. Too often, just when the weather starts to be enjoyable, the sun turns many decks, patios and barbecue areas into afternoon ovens. This is especially true in areas with southern or western exposure. The answer might simply be a solution that’s been around for decades – awnings; and although awnings may have been around for years, a few new technological developments have pushed awning design squarely into the foreseeable future.


Awnings provide a great spot to socialize, and help transform a living space into the perfect location to relax and entertain. While awnings have many aesthetic benefits, they can also dramatically help reduce cooling costs. According to the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers, fabric awnings can reduce heat absorption by 55-65% on southern facing windows. And 72-77% on those with direct western exposure. This reduction can be extraordinarily significant. As on a hot summer day more energy comes through one square foot of glass than through an insulated wall. With the temperature reduction and unique ambiance created by fabric awnings, you can enjoy a more comfortable and luxurious extension of your home into the outdoors.