windows by accurate awning

All different shapes and sizes adding all different looks and characters.

accessories by accurate awnings


» Ceiling fans for air circulation and lighting. 
» Corner drapes for added character. 
» Roll down wall for privacy, or extended shade and wind. 
» Fixed wall inserts for winter use, it can be easily removed for summer.

canopies by accurate awning
All shapes and sizes available. Structured full truss systems for snow load, allows stability all year round. Covers are custom fit and fully secured, preventing wind damage. We offer over 100 choices of colors stripes and solids.
custom awnings


 » Custom fan covers for fans during winter months. 
» Fixed car ports or free standing boat covers. 
» All different sizes of retractable awnings.
» Manual and electric awnings. 

All types of commercial awnings indoor and outdoor with full graphics choice weather or not to light up.

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